Sandra Kim, was born as Sandra Caldarone in Montegnée (Liège) on October 15th, 1972.


On May 3, 1986, Sandra Kim won the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Bergen (Norway) representing Belgium with “J’aime la vie”. At the age of 13, she is the youngest winner in the history of the contest. The single immediately gets a double platinum disc. More than 350,000 singles are sold in Belgium, 1,400,000 around the world and the song is number 1 in the Belgian charts for several weeks. The same year, she participated in the Yamaha Tokyo Festival where she finished fourth together with Eros Ramazzotti. Afterwards both of them tour around Japan.

A few months later, Sandra is contacted to sing the title song of the cartoon “Il était une fois…”, written and composed by Michel Legrand. At the same time, she releases more singles and albums, receives several gold records and is invited to TV shows in Belgium and other countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Romania, Israel, Japan and USA.


In 1990, on the occasion of the 60th birthday of King Baudouin and the 40th anniversary of his reign, Sandra performs together with Luc Steeno, in front of the royal family, one of his songs “J’aime mon pays” - Ik hou van mijn land ". In that same year she starts co-presenting musical show "10 qu’on aime“ on RTL TVI for a period of 2 years. Sandra is also part of the jury of the TV show "Pour la Gloire" on the Belgian national broadcaster RTBF. A year later, together with Helmut Lotti and Paul Michiels, she sings "Song for Kosovo" in three languages for the victims of the war.


In 1997, Sandra sets herself a new challenge by playing the role of Eponine in Victor Hugo’s musical "Les Miserables" in Antwerp.


In the beginning of the years 2000, her love for musicals got her the role of soloist in the show "Musicals from the heart 1 and 2", alongside Chris Van Tongelen and Jan Schepens, a spectacular show with a compilation of most beautiful songs from musicals like "Cats", "Grease", "Saturday Night Fever", "Fame", "Les Misérables", etc. In 2001, this show tours mainly around Flanders and the Netherlands.


In 2003, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the coronation of King Albert II, Sandra and other artists bring the Belgians together through music. Two years later, she participates in the big Gala of the 50th anniversary of the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Copenhagen where she performed "No n'ho l'eta". Along with Micha Marah and Afi, Sandra launches in 2006 a new girls band "The SouldivaZ”. The singers perform the biggest soul hits. In 2008 “les Gauff" invite her to Francofolies de Spa to perform the famous song "Highway to hell".


In 2011, Sandra sang the national anthem in the three Belgian languages just before the start of the “Grand Prix Formule 1” in Spa-Francorchamps.  Olivier Monssens, director, contacts Sandra for the realization of a documentary "L'Autre vie" dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest.  The programme is broadcasted on RTBF (La Deux) and is a big success.


2012. At the request of Stéphane Pauwels, Sandra agrees to talk about her private and professional life in “Les Orages de la Vie“ on RTL-TVI.  The show is a huge success!  On the 20th of July, the eve of the National Day, Sandra performs on stage together with Sam Gooris and Grand Jojo in the Marolles quarter in Brussels.

2013 is a good year for Sandra.  She is chosen to be one of the voices to interpret “Je t’aime tu sais / Ik hou van U" for the occasion of the Belgian National Day. In the Marolles quarter in Brussels she performs in front of the  new sovereign, King Philip.  With his wife Queen Mathilde and former royal couple Queen Paola and King Albert II, they applaud the artists on stage (Johan Verminnen, Udo, Lio ...).  A new challenge is offered to Sandra two months later, she becomes a radio host or rather a guest presenter on VivaCité in the morning show "The 8/9" of Benjamin Maréchal.  An enriching experience !


Sandra returns to television in 2014 on RTL-TVI for the summer show "Café Brazil".  With her friend Stéphane Pauwels, she becomes a sports columnist alongside Caroline Fontenoy, Bérénice and Emilie Dupuis.  In parallel to her TV activities, Sandra continues to sing in various places around Belgium.


Just take a look at her agenda and you’ll see that Sandra often invited to perform in the Netherlands. It is in Amsterdam that she is on stage in 2015 for the concert "Sing Along Festival”.  She is also invited to be the special guest for the annual Flemish Schlager Festival, one of the most awaited festival by audiences in the north of the country.


On the occasion of her 30-year career, Sandra has many projects for the year 2016. Together with Claude Rappé, former presenter on RTL-Télévision and nowadays a writer, she puts her memoirs in a book "Si j’avais su…”.  Joëlle Scoriels also invites her in her TV show ”69 Minutes Sans Chichis" on La Deux (RTBF).  Sandra also performs in Flanders on Radio 2 and Q-Music for the same occasion. RTL-TVI invites her to participate in a special program on the occasion of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Italian immigration to Belgium.  Accompanied by artists like Salvatore Adamo, Sandra performs a song in Italian with great emotion.


While continuing to perform throughout the country, Sandra participates in the charity show "Télévie" on RTL-TVI in 2017. In 2018 with she pays tribute to the Belgian singer Maurane together with Axelle Red and Salvatore Adamo.  Sandra starts a new music adventure with two musicians, Marco Z and Bejir Memeti. The italian show “Bella Italia" is born.  She sings the  famous Italian songs and travels around cultural centers and venues in Belgium together with her musicians...


2019. "Bella Italia" occupies most of her weekends.  Sandra also goes to the Forum de Liège for a new tribute to Maurane.  Then she goes off to Norway to interpret her famous song “J’aime la vie“. The public is present!  On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, Belgium’s biggest magazine Ciné-Télé-Revue contacts her to be part of a historical photo shooting of 75 faces of all generations that marked television.  A nice tribute to Sandra.

 2017 Like all artists, Sandra must interrupt her “Bella Italia” tour because of the Covid19 health crisis. Just after the first confinement, VTM, the private Flemish channel, offered her to put on the suit of the Queen in its first edition of “The Masked Singer”, a Korean format, taken up by many channels such as Fox in the United States, RAI in Italy and TF1 in France. During 8 primes Sandra performs the hits of Sia, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga and even Dua Lipa.  The jury is completely enchanted by the different facets of the artist's talent. On November 6th 2020, she wins the finale. "I'm happy because it was complicated to sing behind a mask. There was very little room to breathe in this beautiful costume. It’s a great experience that I’ll never forget,” she says after the show. Faced with the success of the Flemish channel's program (an average of 1.5 million viewers per prime), VTM offers her the opportunity to ride on the wave of success of “The Masked Singer” and asks her to record her own version of the opening credits of the show, “Who Are You? "From The Who. The track is remixed by one of Belgium’s famous DJ’s, Regi Penxten, known to the public because of his band "Milk Inc.". 


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the coal treaty of Italian immigration to Belgium, Sandra agrees to join Frédéric François, Silva, Mario Barravechia, Elio Di Rupo but also some faces of RTL and RTBF for the recording of a clip called "Mon Pays", composed by Silva. At the same time, Sandra is releasing a brand new single for the French-speaking market: “Meraviglioso”, a song dedicated to her Italian roots, and composed by Davide Esposito and François Welgryn.

With the reopening of the venues, Sandra's schedule has regained color this summer with the "Parkies" tour, an acoustic set with her two musicians Sven Van Den Wyngaert and Michael Assnot but also, thanks to the concerts with her "live band" (Claudio Arduini , Jelle Van Cleemputte, and of course Sven and Michael). Consult the agenda for the next dates. 

2021 . While the Coronavirus is still part of our lives at the beginning of the year, Sandra takes advantage of this "forced break" to think about new projects, while agreeing to participate, like other personalities, in a concept of concerts called " confined ”: performing alone in a studio in front of a camera which projects its representation on social networks. Last May, despite the health crisis, the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Rotterdam in front of an audience, admittedly thin (3,500 people) but facing 237 million viewers! Sandra even came back to sing "I love life" on one of the roofs of a hotel in the Dutch city. A more rhythmic cover to the delight of the fans.

Also after her victory at the first edition of "The Masked Singer" in 2020 on the private Flemish channel VTM, Sandra is accumulating broadcasts in the north of the country. She even returns in her "Queen" outfit at the prestigious children's party "De Gouden K'S" on Ketnet where she receives, to her surprise, the trophy for "The Best Family Show". She also agrees to be filmed almost 24 hours a day in the famous show “Buurman, wat doet u nu? »On the VRT.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the coal treaty of Italian immigration to Belgium, Sandra agrees to join Frédéric François, Silva, Mario Barravechia, Elio Di Rupo but also some faces of RTL and RTBF for the recording of a clip called "My Country", composed by Silva. At the same time, Sandra is releasing a brand new single for the French-speaking market: “Meraviglioso”, a song dedicated to her Italian lands, a track composed by Davide Esposito and François Welgryn. You can download it by clicking here. With the reopening of the rooms, Sandra's schedule is getting back to normal.
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